Chill'Ness IV

Cum 5 Eki 12:00 - Paz 7 Eki 15:00 - Tüm gün
Hello Dear Family!

If you are ready, pack your bags we are going camping!!

We are more than pleased to announce the dates for our annual national event, Chill’Ness!

Chill’Ness is the biggest national event of the semester that will take place in Foça, İzmir at Acar Camping just by the beach. Get ready for a weekend full of concept parties, outdoor games and many many more.

Organizing the forth one, Chill’Ness will begin on Friday, October 5th and will last until Sunday, October 7th.

Feel free to bring your own foods and beverages. There will be a restaurant and a bar with special prices for you as well.

Participation Fee
With ESNcard - 110₺
Without ESNcard - 125₺

You can bring your own tent! Don’t have a tent? Don’t worry! We’ll provide you one. Each tent is for two participants. Each participant should pay his/her own tent fee.