International FOOD DAY

Paz 13 Oca, 16:00 - 21:00
Please make reservation over whatsupp or messenger
Contact: : +905336407563 - Alper
New Capacity : 75 people
Reservations : 50 people
Empty sits : 25 left outside with heaters
Foreigners from : USA, Ukraine, Iran, Morocco, Egypt, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Syria etc.
You can join with your children too or accepting groups

1 TL min donating system so you can support us for future events

We prefer you to cook at home and bring it with you to share with others but if you don't know how to cook or live in dormitory then please CONTACT ME FIRST before coming so you won't bring the same food. We will buy the drinks from the BAR we will meet.

Contact : +905336407563