Dj Satyar

Dj Satyar should and could run for world president—He makes it look easy, but any skilled eye and ear can tell this man is focused and works hard at perfecting his craft. Also known for more of the underground nastier stuff and eargasmic deep house and minimal techno stuff , Whether he's whipping the club kids into a frenzy with one big-room anthem after another, or building almost unbearable tension with sinister tech-house, Mighty Dj Satyar can work any crowd like a cross-fader.and now teaming up in Izmir to warming up the parties and events in the whole Turkey region , Watch out for Satyar's more talented and luxury events in your nightlife .
A person that I really respect as a music lover and I got the best compliment a swing disc jockey can get:
"I tried to leave but you kept playing such good music that I had to stay another song, and another, just one more song... Now I will be too tired for tomorrows classes. It's your fault! Thank you Dj Satyar !".